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We offer software from Zuken USA, PCB Libraries, Artwork Software, Logic Swap, Lattimer-CAD and others in addition to our own custom programming engineering design and layout services.

Please phone us to ask for  a  Free Web Demo on any of these products!

PCE Texas offers Custom Translator writing, as well as  multiple software Product options for electronic engineers and PCB designers.  Information on that software is described in more detail on pages reached by following these links:

Analog and Digital Simulation with Beige Bag Spice now fully integrated with CADSTAR featuring import of your complete CADSTAR Schematics for subsequent simulation within B2 Spice.

B2 Spice Flash Movie List

B2 Spice Reads Cadstar Schematics!

CADSTAR EDA Software from Constrain and Variant Managable Schematic Entry to PCB Layout, with the best Autorouting Tools available.  Shapebased Gridless Autorouting including the 2013 Dragon Autorouter gets the job done and is backed by the most extensive Part Library available. We are also broude to offer our industry the absolute lowest cost professional level tools with prices from $2000 to $16000 for the best match to your specific needs.

See Quickly how CADSTAR works efficiently by way of our "YouTube Cinema!"

BoardModeler Lite (BML) provides a powerful design environment to bridge the gap between electronic (ECAD) and mechanical (MCAD) design. BML is a tool for use by the PCB designer, to combine the two-dimensional (2D) board design data and the three-dimensional (3D) mechanical design data in a single environment. It also allows for easy creation by wizard realistic 3D models and for rapid and accurate exchange of data between the electronic and mechanical domains.

BoardModeler Lite addresses the following main functional areas:

BML provides the functionality to import the 2D PCB design data and 3D mechanical design data and to combine it in a single environment. It is able to display realistic 3D models to represent all aspects of the design, such as the board outline, PCB layers, electronic parts mounted on the board and a mechanical case or chassis. This is all presented in a single window and allows the user to view the data in 3D, from any required viewpoint.

3D Representations for Electrical and Mechanical Parts created automatically using our rapid and accurate Wizards. 

BML provides the features to check a design (either ‘on-line’ or in batch) for collisions between components mounted on the board and between the components and board ahape and any enclosing mechanical constraint (e.g. a case or chassis). It is also possible to measure sizes of design objects and measure the clearances between them.

Clearance and Collision Checking

BML allows changes made to the component placement in the 3D environment to be passed back to the 2D PCB design.

This also covers the ability to pass initial board outline shape, critical component placement and keep-out or height limitation areas, supplied by the MCAD department, into the 2D CADSTAR PCB design.Back-annotation of Design Changes from 3D to 2D

BML Imports and Exports IDF, ACIS, STEP

BML Training Movies are available also  ask us about it and see the items on our download page.

CADSTAR Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Tools are in a class by themselves  finally allowing you to see the effects  on waveform timing of moving a trace or via using our Real Plane integrated SI and Routing Tool Suite.  Check out how easy this can be in our "cinema viewing space".

CADSTAR Translators allow you to bring into CADSTAR any other CAD data schematic, layout or library. See details.

IDF Translators from from Zuken and Lattimer CAD allow you to bring into and out of  CADSTAR,  Autocad, Inventor any version of IDF data: board, mounting holes, and parts.  See details.

IDF is a convenient and fast interface
and a free 30 day evaluation is available.

Library Tools for EDA Designers across industry standards finally arrive.  See how our Wizards create IPC Standard footprints from tabular input and check out our online 255,000 part library.

Wire Harness Design Tools from Zuken's E.3 team are now fully available with libraries and now fully compatable with CADSTAR.
Gerber Editors, allow you to not only view, but also edit Gerber and Drill files. Dont forget to ask us about Cadstar Data Import and the CADSTAR Special Competitive Bundle Pricing

If you wish to discuss your particular needs, you may contact us to request a quote. 972-985-1577 call 9:00-5:00 CST

"Value Added Reseller" means when you buy it, it works as advertized.

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