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If you want to try it free first, ask us for links to download our learning system - CADSTAR Express - which allows full edit of designs upto 300 pins.  Once you know the tool, you can get a free 30 day unlimited evaluation copy by request using the same email form on page 8.  Links to Download Useful Stuff will be emailed to you  on receipt of your request.  Simply tell us which you want by filling in the form on the last page and we will email same to you by return mail.

1. Current Released CADSTAR Sch and PCB Design Editor license required  REQUEST A 30 DAY LICENSE

2. FREE View Print and Plot Software for CADSTAR Data Files  ( .scm, .pcb, .rtf, .cmp, .sym )

3. Try CADSTAR fully functional Express Learning Software, no key required Complete and saves files to 300 pins. REQUEST PASSWORD TO INSTALL AND TO OBTAIN THE TRAINING FILES

4. Current CADSTAR Library Download  Make your evaluation of CADSTAR more exciting by utilizing the CD ROM furnished Library just give me a call and I will tell you how to get the Current Library

16. BeagleBoard XM Schematic in CADSTAR

17. BeagleBoard XM PCB Layout in CADSTAR

18. Seven Inch LCD Touch Screen Schematic in CADSTAR

19. Seven Inch LCD Touch Screen PCB Layout in CADSTAR

20. Working 2.4 GHz Radios in CADSTAR

21. BeagleBone Dual Stepper Cape Design Package

25. BeagleBoard C4 Schematic in EDIF

26. BeagleBoard C4 Schematic in CADSTAR

27. BML Install Guide

28. BML Tutorial

29. BML Tutorial Files

30. BML V7.1 30 day free evaluation.

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